metta by Sayadaw U Indaka (Chanmyay Myaing, Myanmar).  Chris is the guiding teacher at Against the Stream Boston, and an active member of the Center for Spiritual Care & Pastoral Formation (CSCPF).
Chris’s teaching combines Theravada Buddhism’s emphasis on insight and ethics with the Mahayana ideal of compassionate action, along with the synthesis of practice and study. He is also influenced by the fields of ecopsychology, attachment theory, and contemplative, pastoral, and palliative approaches to sickness, aging, and end-of-life care.
Prior to focusing on Buddhist practices Chris taught Hatha yoga, directing a community yoga center in Gloucester, MA, and training yoga teachers internationally at the 200-hour and 500-hour levels. Chris’s yoga combines yin, viniyoga, and kripalu, with trauma-sensitive methodologies and mindfulness.  This approach combines slow vinyasa forms with long static holds, balancing physical strength and meditative awareness. His weekend-format yoga teacher training, Hatha-Dharma, developed to help students practice and teach a more awareness-based yoga, has been offered at yoga centers internationally.
Chris has taught at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health’s Institute for Integrated Leadership, the Trauma Center in Brookline, MA, and was active in yoga research with Kripalu Center’s Institute for Extraordinary Living and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  For Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme) he taught retreats and managed the development of iBme’s Mindfulness Teacher Training program. His course Living the Good Life: Practicing Health & Wellbeing is a core course Wellness & Alternative Medicine at Johnson State College. As a visiting lecturer Chris has taught at Endicott College’s nursing program and Tufts University. He holds a Masters degree in Ecopsychology, Sustainable Leadership, and Buddhist Practice.


Hatha-Dharma Teacher Training and Student Immersion
Mindfulness & Buddhist Foundations for Yoga

An experiential yoga teacher training and student immersion for non-teachers combining Hatha yoga with Buddhist practice.

April 13-15
Friday 6pm-9pm
Saturday 8am-7pm
Sunday 8am-7pm

Hot on Bank
153 Bank Street
New London, CT

Cost: 440$ - Scholarships Available 

Program Description 

Yoga and Buddhism share the same aim – the liberation of body, mind, and heart. Postures and breath practice support the body and mind for meditation, and mindfulness enables a more intentional, awareness-based yoga. In this training you will learn the foundations of Mindfulness Yoga and begin guiding an emerging yoga culture that embodies the heart of what it means to practice and live fully.

Yoga students who are not teachers may take this program as an immersive study in the integration of mindfulness, Buddhist teachings, and Hatha yoga.

Learning Outcomes: You will be able to:

Integrate meditation into your yoga classes using the 4 Foundations of Mindfulness. The 4 Foundations offer a simple way to help students directly experience how body, mind, and feelings condition each other – this insight naturally deepens our yoga practice and is a source of greater freedom and happiness in daily life.
Develop your ability to teach yoga as a path of meditative-awareness addressing: a) the alleviation of stress & suffering; b) the cultivation of wisdom.
Effectively empower your students as the source of their own insight through self-reflective language cues and mindfulness-based teaching frameworks.
Accomodate a wide range of students, from beginners, those with health challenges, and experienced practitioners.
Begin or refine your own meditation practice and embody greater presence and ease in your teaching.

Who this Program is for:

Yoga teachers and yoga therapists from all traditions (Eligible for 30 Yoga Alliance CEU’s).
Yoga students seeking a deeper integration of Hatha yoga and Buddhist practice.

Certification and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education: Participants will receive a Certificate
of Completion and 25 hours of eligible YA CEU’s.

Military/Student Discounts 

Teacher Discounts

Chris Crotty, M.A., is a Buddhist teacher and pastoral counselor, and adjunct professor in wellness and alternative medicine. Practicing meditation since 1998, he has taken retreat with Burmese monastics Sayadaw U Indaka and Sayadaw U Tejaniya, scholar--practitioner Bhikkhu Analayo, western monastics of the Zen and Thai Foresttradition, and senior western Vipassana teachers. Chris was authorized to teach Buddhadharma in 2015 by Noah Levine and in 2016 was encouraged to teach vipassana and

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