Walk-ins welcome!

8 am: 60 min Lunar Tigress Yoga - Zack Kraft
9:30 am: 75 min All levels Hot Yoga - Meghan Smith  
4:30 pm: All Levels Hot Yoga ($5 for military) - Miranda Mugovero
6:30 pm: 60 min Warm Yin/Yang Self Care Sunday - Meg Crocker
4:30 pm: 60 min All Levels Hot Yoga - Ashira Mazzio
6:15 pm: 75 min Intermediate Hot Yoga - Meghan Smith​
8 pm: $10 Drop-in, 60 min Yin/Yang - Justine Wheeler
8 am: 60 min All Levels Hot Yoga - Justine Wheeler
4:30 pm: 60 min Beginners Hot Yoga - Kelly Harper
6:15 pm: 75 min All Levels Hot Yoga - Sonya Cyr
8 pm: $10 Drop-in, 60 min All Levels Hot Yoga - Meg Crocker
Noon: 60 min All Levels Hot Yoga - Justine Wheeler
4:30 pm: 60 min All Levels Hot Yoga - Meghan Smith
6:15 pm: 75 min All Levels Hot Yoga - Nicole Glick
8 pm: $10 Drop-in, 60 min Warm Candelight Slow Flow - Michelle Little
8 am: 60 min All Levels Hot Yoga - Miranda Mugovero
4:30 pm: 60 min All Levels Hot Yoga -  Kristin Vaughn
6:15 pm: 75 min All Levels Hot Yoga - Ashira Mazzio
8 pm: $10 Drop-in, All Levels Hot Yoga - Meg Crocker
9:30 am: Beginners Slow Flow - Cassie Arroyo
Noon: 60 min All Levels Hot Yoga - Justine Wheeler
4:30 pm: 60 min All Levels Hot Yoga - Zack Kraft
6:30 pm: 60 min 5$ Hot Community Class -  Meghan Smith​
8 am: 60 min Non-heated Mindful Morning Flow - Sonya Cyr
9:30 am: 60 min All Levels Hot Morning Flow - Kelly Harper
11 am: 60 min Beginners Hot Yoga - Miranda Mugovero

New London's Hot Yoga Studio

Door open about 20-30 min before classes

Schedule Changes are made on the app

​​​​153 Bank street • New London ct  • ​meghan@hotonbank.com + 1.860.961.6561  


Hot on Bank

and Registered Yoga School

Hot on Bank is not just a yoga studio but a haven of acceptance, love, and unity. 

Many first step foot in the space for the physical benefits of a powerful hot yoga practice but all students return time and time again for the personal, mental and spiritual benefits as well as the sense of community and friendship built in the studio.

Although each of our teachers have explored many different yogic traditions, every single teacher has one thing in common—to empower our students both on and off the mat.  Translated from Sanskrit, yoga means union—and that is exactly what Hot on Bank embodies, not just in mind, body and spirit but in community, connection and love.

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walk-ins welcome

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