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We want you to be able to experience our studio and all of the classes that we offer. Pay for your first class and you'll have unlimited access to the studio for one full week

The Hot Yoga Run Down:

We are very happy that you've chosen Hot on Bank to start your Yoga Journey!

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  •    Hot Yoga is best when practiced on a Hot Yoga Mat that's designed to prevent slipping
    • We rent and sell Hot Yoga mats and towels at the studio.
    • If you have a regular yoga mat that you'd preffer to use, you can either use a Hot Yoga towel on top of your mat or a regular towel.
  •    Practice barefoot, in athletic attire - Yoga Mats       are designed to stick to bare-feet
  •    Since our classes are all levels, you will be practicing with all different levels of students. We are a community and we like practicing together.  
    • Please know that you can take childs pose at any point in your practice. Never be ashamed to take childs pose - it is the wisest of all poses and you will see the most advanced yogis regularly taking childs pose.
    • At times, the teachers may be teaching to whats possible. That doesn't have to be today. Enjoy the journey 

Thank you for choosing Hot on Bank! 

Our studio is a no-judgement zone.

We pride ourselves on being an all levels - all accepting - yoga studio in Downtown New London. 

We're excited to meet you and for you to share your practice with us!

All of our classes are all levels