We Have an Online membership so that you can do yoga whenever you want, wherever you want!

Instead of choosing to do our classes on Zoom, we have decided to have a facebook group, where we go live, at least twice a week, and we also have the ability to archive the classes so that you can do your favorite classes over and over again!

All of our teachers have contributed to this group and we have over 100+ classes available for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!! Ranging from Gentle Classes, All Levels Classes, Beginners Classes and Workshops & Plus more!

​​​​153 Bank street • New London ct  • ​meghan@hotonbank.com + 1.860.961.6561  

Online Membership

$45 a month 

Unlimited access to our Facebook Group with over 100+ archived classes, with weekly classes added

This membership is set up with automated billing, but no contract is required. You can cancel at any time

cancel your membership at any time, with two weeks notice sent to meghan@hotonbank.com