Miranda Mugovero

Hot Yoga Instructor

 been a constant source of the freedom and confidence necessary to understand and value her true nature while continuing to grow. Yoga introduced Cassie to Reiki; she is a Certified Advanced Level 3 Reiki Practitioner. Cassie believes in the power of the healing light as she has seen it heal and open people up from guiding them to heal aches and pains to helping to clear emotional blocks. Yoga and Reiki combined has helped to heal mental and physical ailments through practice, proper alignment, and by making a conscious effort by inviting loving thoughts and healing energy in. Cassie's intention is to align the body and its energy systems, and most importantly the intelligence of each individual body and inner-teacher to create a practice that is true to honest individual growth. She Uses music, poetry, and humor in class to help herself and students, to let go, have fun, and enjoy the journey.

Yoga, for Kelly, began with little excitement back in the 80s. A passion for Power Vinyasa Yoga and a 200hr Teacher certification developed from the Mystic Yoga Shala. Kelly teaches at several Studios in CT where her classes follow a Baptist inspired flow interwoven with influences from other Yoga styles. 

Cassie Arroyo

Vinyasa Instructor

200hr CYT Yoga Teacher. Became certified in 2017. Yoga has been a transformitive practice for Cassie. Introduced to Yoga at the young age of 16, practicing the many aspects of yoga beyond just asana for 14yrs. Growing into adulthood with this practice helped Cassie to overcome many difficulties in life including working through anxiety and depression. Yoga has helped Cassie to find her voice and has been a vehicle in which she is able to help others it has opened endless opportunities in self-discovery, promoted continued growth in experiencing the richness and  beauty of life,  and has

Ashira Mazzio

Baptiste Instructor

Profile to come

 "Ive watched amazing transformations in students through the practice of Yoga. I encourage you to smile at the fact that you are unique; not "perfect". Please join me on your mat.  Namaste 

In 2019, she took her first all-levels hot yoga class with Meghan Smith- and the rest is history. Becoming a student at Hot on Bank helped her practice, body, and mind grow stronger than ever before and truly inspired her to become a yoga teacher herself. In November 2020, Nicole became a 200 HR RYT under Meghan Smith at Hot on Bank. Additionally, Nicole is an elementary PE teacher, marathon runner, a varsity girls lacrosse coach and a unified sports coach. She loves working with individuals of all ages, teaching them the tools to live a healthy, happy, purposeful life. Confidently, Nicole shares that yoga is the greatest tool of them all.


Nicole was introduced to yoga in 2005 at the age of 10 when her 4th grade teacher did an after school yoga program. She even bought her first kid’s yoga book at the school’s book fair. On and off for many years, she practiced various styles of yoga at different studios mostly for fun and fitness. It wasn’t until 2016 that she committed to a daily yoga practice to better her mental health and overall wellness. Seeing the positive effect yoga had on her body and mind, Nicole knew she wanted to find a yoga community to continue to grow and deepen her practice. 

Miranda's passion for yoga took root in 2011. She has practiced various forms of yoga at YogaWorks, Yoga to the People and Zen and Now. Miranda found Hot on Bank when it first opened in 2017 and quickly fell in love with Baptiste's Journey into Power. She obtained her 200hr RYT in May 2019, studying under Meghan Smith and Kristin Vaughn. 

Sonya Cyr 200HR-ERYT

Hatha/Kripalu Instructor

​​​​153 Bank street • New London ct  • ​meghan@hotonbank.com + 1.860.961.6561  

Meg found yoga after having her son, as a way to reconnect with herself. After years of practicing on and off & at various studios she finally found the inspiration she needed for a consistent practice at Hot on Bank.
Training under Meghan Smith & Kristin Vaughn she obtained her 200 hour RYT in May 2019.
Meg thoroughly believes that yoga is for EVERYBODY. Stick with it, try new teachers, find what works for you, but be consistent. Show up and the rest will fall into place.

Nikki Glick, RYT 200

Hot Yoga Instructor

Nikki Glick, 200 hr RYT It was a Friday night after one of Hot on Bank’s infamous Community Classes when owner Meghan Smith approached Nikki asking if she was still interested in doing the Yoga Teacher Training. Nikki needed a little time to think it over but when Meghan said training started tomorrow she knew in her heart that this was the push she needed. So, she decided to dive deep and began her journey to become a 200 hr RYT! She was trained under Kristin Vaughn 500 hr Baptiste Instructor and Meghan Smith 200 hr RYT Instructor. It was a spur of the moment decision that has brought her on an inward journey. Deepening her own yoga practice; physically, spiritually and emotionally she is excited to begin 

Meghan Smith 200HR-ERYT


Nicole McComic

Hot Yoga Instructor

Meghan has been practicing yoga since 2006. After practicing under a few different teachers/styles of yoga, she developed a strong home practice. During this time, it was Baptiste that she fell in love with.
In 2012, she found High Street Yoga, where she  became a 200 hour RYT teacher, under Tamsy Markam  and Kristin Vaughn, in the Baptiste Methodology. 
In more recent years, Meghan has become a student of Kim Abraham, and has equally fallen in love with Ashtanga. 

Vanessa Taborda Cronin

Spanish and English Hot Yoga Instructor

guiding others on their own unique yoga paths. Nikki was drawn to the strength and ease that is interwoven into each pose of Baptiste Yoga. Strength and ease...how do we find a healthy balance between the two? She believes yoga “grants us the space to be better for ourselves and in turn we are able to be better for others.”

Sonya began her study of yoga in 2002 and was trained as a yoga instructor at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in 2006. She teaches the Kripalu method as well as Vinyasa Flow and Restorative classes. Sonya’s teaching is known for being clear and accessible. Students can expect a class that is equal parts skillful, challenging, sustainable and fulfilling.  In addition to being an experienced yoga instructor and student, Sonya teaches French and Spanish at the Norwich Free Academy where she also designed a yoga program accessible to all students as part of their curriculum. She enjoys engaging her students daily in the practice of mindfulness and the inquiry of yoga.

Meg Crocker

Hot Yoga Instructor

Justine started her yoga journey in February of 2018. She dabbled with her practice at home yoga in years prior, but it wasn’t until her friend Miranda invited her to a hot yoga class that Justine discovered her love for yoga. The combination of incorporating mind, body, & soul together spoke to Justine. Six months into her yoga journey she knew she wanted to become a yoga teacher and shortly after she signed up for Hot on Banks YTT. Justine studied under Meghan Smith and Kristin Vaughn graduating with her 200hr Yoga Teaching Certificate from Hot on Bank in May 2019. Justine is always smiling and bringing energy to every class. You’ll even hear Justine calling poses in Sanskrit, tying yoga back to its original language. Justine wants to share her passion for yoga with others, helping to guide them 

Ashira began practicing in 2009. The warm welcome and encouragement she found within the yoga community inspired her to begin teaching. In 2014, she became a 200 hour RYT. Ashira regularly attends Baptiste workshops including Being of Power and True North Alignment. "The confidence and motivation I have discovered through yoga benefits me on and off my mat." Ashira completed her Level 1 Baptiste Certification in 2016 and has continued to grow her teaching and practice; offering unique workshops that include Black Light Yoga, Kids Yoga and Restorative classes. Yoga has proven the be physically and mentally healing for Ashira, an experience she inspires to share through teaching.

through their yoga journey. She wants to inspire others to be self aware and follow their own path.
When Justine is not teaching or practicing yoga, you can still find her flowing. Justine is a specialty act performer that focuses on LED hula hoop, character acting, and fire dancing. She also teaches hula hooping to children & adults. She enjoys cats, friends, dancing, singing, and being outside in nature. 

“Mindfulness is the practice of noticing our limits while yoga is the practice of transcending them. If we can approach all practice with an attitude of curiosity and compassion, there is no limit to what we can uncover and transform.”

In Meghan's classes, you can expect a mixture of these two practices; where you will be guided through physical and mental challenges, a good dose of fun and a well rounded practice to help you build a strong, mindful yoga practice.
​Meghan is a passionate teacher that always knew she'd own her own studio. Her dreams have come true at Hot on Bank

Justine Wheeler

Hot Yoga Instructor

Kelly Harper 500HR-ERYT

Vinyasa Instructor